The Octopus Works and its subsidiaries are owned and operated by Grant Heggie.

The Octopus Works is an ever changing and expanding company that offers unique support services to the entertainment industry. In addition to the sites currently operated by The Octopus Works, we are always planning and developing new and innovative ideas to service the talented people who work within this industry.

Here is a preview of two projects currently under development:

ShowbizSERVICES.com (working title):

This site will offer the ability for any individual or company to market their services exclusively to the entertainment industry. This is a great opportunity for you to trumpet the services you have to offer directly to a targeted audience.

BackgroundAction.com (working title):

This site will offer both union and non-union people a place to post their bios with photographs introducing themselves to a wide audience of entertainment industry people.


About Grant Heggie 


Grant Heggie has been a show biz veteran for almost 30 years. He started with training in theatre production and design, went on to lighting design, and then production management. With years of formal training and extensive experience he has worked in multiple roles on more shows than he can count over the last few decades. In 1993, Grant co-founded a for profit commercial company called Set/Reset. Set/Reset was started with only $1,000 in start up capital and became North America’s first recycling company for the entertainment industry. Occupying a 30,000 square foot warehouse in downtown Toronto, Set/Reset, proved that recycling scenery was not only possible, but could be profitable.

Set/Reset was a classic win-win for its customers, users, and the environment.

In its first year, Set/Reset processed over 150 tons of recycled scenery. Using recycled materials, customers were able to save upwards of 95% over the cost of using new materials. Not only was the customer saving a ton, the environment was winning as well, and it was a boon for the local economy. The monthly payroll of Set/Reset (paid to local artists) often exceeded $30,000 per month.In 1996 the company started a custom design division, for which Grant acted as producer, production manager,  and lighting designer for special events. The many clients included; Pfizer Pharmaceuticals, Toronto Dominion Bank, The Ontario government, and The Government of Canada, to name but a few. 
In 1998 Grant opened the retail store, 2nd Episode, selling movie memorabilia and furniture made from scrap lumber and painted with reclaimed paints and varnishes. Set/Reset lasted for more than 10 years. Along the way and for over 12 years Grant has worked as a locations representative--assisting property owners in renting vacant buildings to movie makers as a means of offsetting their losses on operating costs and land taxes. The companies he has represented include; Loblaws, Wittington Properties Ltd, and JJ Barnicke Ltd., among others. Grant was responsible for facilitating over 400 film and television projects and their properties. Projects such as; 'Queer As Folk', 'La Femme Nikita', 'Bulletproof Monk', '16 Blocks', and 'Shoot 'Em Up', are but a few.

In 2010 Grant opened Ready Set Recycle.com, where companies and groups can post materials they wish to sell or give away. At the end of 2013 the site usage was up over 570% in Toronto. The New York site hosted the wrap sales for 'Law & Order', 'Law & Order: SVU' and 'White Collar'.

In 2012 Grant opened Showbiz RENTALS.com. An easy to use, affordable website where anyone can post both large and small items to rent. You might find a single individual renting a vintage car or helicopter along side a large lighting company with hundreds of items on offer. 

In November of 2013 Grant opened All About Locations.com. A website geared towards finding the best locations for your budgets and needs and/or for renting that empty warehouse or the quaint Victorian you have. 

Over the years and throughout all of the companies, Grant has recycled, reused, rented, sold, consulted, produced, designed, and managed productions for over 3,000 entertainment projects!


All of these experiences have led to the creation of The Octopus Works.

Thank you for reading,

Grant Heggie

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